Terminology of the Trade 

Deflection - sags or dips in flooring.

Sill - a heavy horizontal timber or line of masonry supporting a house wall.

Mortar - a mixture of sand, lime, gravel, and water used between bricks or stones on a structure.

Reveal - the part of an opening for a window or door which is between the outer edges of the opening and the frame of the door or window.

Rafter - any of the beams that slope from the ridge of a roof to the eaves and serve to support the roof.

Probe Rod - a slender rod used for exploring for the depths of footings and moisture fields, particularly under bathrooms.

Joists - any of the parallel beams that hold up the planks of the floor.

Ventilation - provides and opening for moisture and foul odors to escape and ensures that mold and mildew fields do not destroy the foundation.

Caulking - fills the seams and cracks.

Felt Barrier - a heavy insulating material made from absorbent fibers matted together and used in homes for moisture and odor control.

Instrument - laser level used to determine the high and low points of the structure.
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